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As a temporary employment agency specialising in technical, construction and office talent, IMPACT helps job-seekers every day to find the right job. This is a huge challenge given the difficulty of finding subject specialists nowadays. Nevertheless, all our employees go all out every day, with total enthusiasm.

Because of this, we know better than anyone how important it is that ambition and perseverance are reflected in everything you do. However, for those who want to excel with their talent, having the willpower and ambition is not enough. Every talent also needs guidance and support so that it can develop to the maximum.

IMPACT now also offers this support to talented young athletes who dream of reaching the top one day. The road to the top is not only demanding mentally and physically, it also requires the necessary financial commitment from parents. Moreover, these young athletes have no guarantee whatsoever that they will eventually succeed in their career.

By offering them financial support, IMPACT wants to offer a number of young Belgian talents the opportunity to realise their ambitions within their own sporting field. Thus, they can enjoy the highest level of sports guidance and they get the chance to take part in national and international tournaments, where they can compete with the best.

At IMPACT, we also hope that our promising sports talents will inspire other young athletes to follow in their footsteps, to discover their own talents and pursue their dreams.

Selected athletes

Currently, the following athletes are receiving financial support from IMPACT:


IMPACT Master Alessio Basile is 14 and the undisputed number one in his age category. His B-2/6 ranking will undoubtedly make many of his peers jealous. He is also active internationally and in 2014 was crowned Belgian champion in the U11 category.

Destined to play tennis

Alessio, unsurprisingly, started playing tennis when he was 4. His mum and dad are both tennis coaches at Park Tennis Klub Vilvoorde. They often brought him along which is how Alessio soon caught the tennis bug. In other words, he was predestined to be on a tennis court.

Three big strengths

His aggressive style of playing in combination with hard shots from the base line, his net play and his backhand down the line are Alessio’s greatest strengths. He still wants to improve mentally and defensively. This season he wants to gain experience in the Men 1-tournaments in Belgium and achieve good results in U14 ‘Tennis Europe’. An objective that should allow him to play ITF U18 next year. When his busy tennis schedule allows it, Alessio likes to play piano and football.


10-year-old Chrystal Lopez – C30/3 ranking – is our youngest IMPACT Master and is in the top 3 of her age category.

How it started

Chrystal's sister and father motivated her to start playing tennis. She was only 3 the first time she held a racket. Her family are her biggest and most loyal supporters. Chrystal has been a member of the Kids' Development Team for a couple of years now. This initiative of the Flemish Tennis federation helps young tennis players between 7 and 12 discover and develop their talent. And talent is something Chrystal has in abundance! Inspired by her tennis idol Rafael Nadal she was season champion of Flemish Brabant last year, played the final of the championship of Flanders and played at the interclub final in the U9/1 category.

Strong winner's mentality

Chrystal has a clear goal: she wants to continue to improve and win as many tournaments as possible. Her strong winner's mentality is her biggest strength. For Chrystal the match isn't over until the last point has been played. In her spare time Chrystal likes to play football or go jogging. She also practises hapkido, a Korean art of self-defence. In other words, this young lady can also stand her ground next to the tennis court. 


Mats Herremans, a 14-year-old tennis player with B-2/6 ranking, has already had many successes in his young tennis career.

Started young

Mats started playing tennis when he was barely 4. His dad encouraged him to take up the sport. And the choice for tennis was spot on! Because in 2017 this fan of Denis Shapovalov, the youngest tennis player ever in the top 100, was Belgian champion in the U13 category.

Great willpower

Mats is very satisfied about his service return but feels his forehand needs more speed. He is motivated and has plenty of willpower. A characteristic that helps him to achieve his objectives. His godfather is his biggest fan. Mats hopes that he will support him to a B15/1 ranking and top 100 in Europe, because that's his target for this season.


Seventeen-year-old IMPACT Master Stan Devriese was an avid tennis player from an early age. After ending up in a wheelchair, the move to wheelchair tennis was made without hesitation. At present, he is active internationally, with ambitions that reach even further.

A real tennis family

Stan has been playing tennis for as long as he can remember. The choice was predictable, as he himself wanted to start play tennis and his parents and brother were already playing tennis… A true tennis family indeed. He is unable to name his biggest supporter, because his parents, girlfriend, good friend and grandparents are all eligible. On the other hand, there is no doubt about his tennis hero: although he copied Rafael Nadal as a young boy and even borrowed his follow-through, his current hero is Roger Federer.

Strong forehand

Stan likes to listen to music before a game, so he can start the match focused. On the courts he can count on his strong forehand and mental strength. As for his backhand, he believes there is still room for improvement. Outside the court, he mainly tries to enjoy life, which of course is very important for a young man with great ambitions. This season he would like to earn a place in the top 10 world ranking for juniors.

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